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Your business logo design is a vital and recognizable visual component that help clients to recall and remember your company. It is more like a business brand identity made up of graphical elements and style guidelines that complements your brand. Together these express your behavior, communicate your standards and differentiate you from your competitors. This makes your business logo, a very important element of online presence.

We are an exceptional graphic designers dedicated in making company logos. Our team of artistic logo designers carefully measure the needs of the clients. Our team specialize in creating logo designs with creativity that help businesses to grow and speak subliminally with their customers. till ate, we have mastered the art by completing numerous logo designs for our valued clients in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and Hamilton, for which we were appreciated and our designs have helped businesses in all the positive reasons.

Keeping that in mind, we ensure epic logo designs that further enhances your business image in the online world. Take a look at our design procedure where we observe and collect information about your business and the industry you are in. We then create a logo that eventually becomes a brand identity that will help in the growth of your business.

Steps we follow for a Professional Logo Designs


The first stage is to contact us by filling in our custom logo design form so we can get familiar about you and your business.

Having answers to the questions in the form help us to create logo according to your goals and put a suitable thought-procedure based on careful design selections and approach. It also helps us to understand your aim and personality.


After we have discovered the goals towards the professional logo design, we can arrange an appointment to discuss your task over the phone, through Skype or in person (choose the one that fits your needs). We can explain what we have discovered via coordination and will work together on your project at hand. In our meeting, we will also take into account any specifications, requirements, aims and expectations of your project that you have in mind.

Then, we will create an offer which comprises of a summary of the scope of the project, aims and aesthetics. The proposal contains a list of timelines, expenses and delivery terms and conditions.


When deposits and detailed timeline dates are established, we then move towards the designing phase!

In the offer, the design process is highlighted and what is involved in each phase so that there are no confusions and you are aware of each step of the process right from the beginning until the very end.

Amendments and considerations are encouraged, also, additional requirements that may come up are also welcome. It is because your input is valuable throughout all the stages of the project. Also, working in collaboration always brings the most fruitful of results given the teamwork and dedication of both parties to accomplish the similar business objectives.

Let’s Get Started!

Creating a Business Logo Design

How to Create a Persuasive Brand Identity via Logo Design

Having a supreme logo design created doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience all the time. It can really be a tough call to make if your company has a big brand name like Microsoft or Google. However, for medium-sized companies, it is as difficult as you want to make it. Primarily, it is about expressing your business, who you are, who your clients are, who your competitors are and how you want your business to be observed.

Designing a Business Logo

Do you have an absolute preference for the style or color of the business logo? This is an essential question, where you can actually reduce time and help lower the logo design costs. Sometimes the industry also helps in choosing the colors which make the job easier for both the designer and the client.

What you need to do on your behalf is to provide the logo designer with a series of logos that you like or dislike. You can then help us out by describing what you do and don’t like about those logos. The easiest way to achieve the vision of the logo is to do your research first so that you have a fair ground when you need to express your opinion. While you do your homework, save logos that you like and don’t like, then provide it to the design team. This is perhaps the most sane and logical approach to inform the logo designer of what you have in mind and only then will you be satisfied with the result.




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